Pen (pensnest) wrote in sparklyukfans,

Five Words Make A Story, The Footnotes

(1) 'How big IS JC's box, asked JM at the Official Read-Through. This caused amusement.

(2) pensnest cheating

(3) Ding!

(4) At the Official Read-Through, JM intervened: 'If people don't know about Lamp...' which caused considerable amusement. However, in cases where enlightenment is needed, go here or here

(5) The Candle Story, while a worthy companion to Where Did You Put the Lava Lamp, is less well known.

(6) Not a typo

(7) 'toy' as in 'toy poodle', we believe. Something very very small. Koff.

(8) the Nair had been on too long, or so it was surmised

(9) A tender moment, our contribution to JuC Day.

(10) There will be a short intermission to allow your brain time for recovery

(11) Most of the pixie stix had been eaten by this time.

(12) Also, it was very late.

(13) But there has, mystifyingly, been talk of a sequel.
Tags: camp sparkle 2007, rampant insanity

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