no pseud attached (nopseud) wrote in sparklyukfans,
no pseud attached

Dreamwidth community for Camp Sparkle

We've set up [community profile] campsparkle over on Dreamwidth, for the convenience of those sparkly campers who have migrated over there. For the time being, we'll be posting everything to do with Camp planning to both comms.

  • Camp News

    There has been a flurry of Camp Sparkle 2019-related posts on the DreamWidth version of this community, please check them out!…

  • Camp Sparkle 2019 signups

    If you want to come to Camp this year but haven't signed up yet, please let me know ASAP. The email is

  • Camp Sparkle 2019 Registration

    Date: Friday 19th July to Friday 26th July 2019. Place: Newbridge House, Bath, Somerset, UK. The house can sleep up to 24, which should be enough…

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