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no pseud attached

Stansted (yes, I know, again)

We're currently calculating the travel costs for the round trip from Stansted, so we can let everyone know in advance how much it will be per head.

Now, a paranoid double check. Below is the list of people who answered this poll re: transport from Stansted on Friday. If you want/need to be collected from Stansted, and your name isn't here, please comment to let me know when you're arriving -- I really don't want us to leave anyone behind!

rikes -- 12:15
bubbleforest -- 11.20am
stellamira -- 7:25 am
saffronra -- not before 11am really
ephemera -- from London - coaches run 24/7
iconis -- 12:15pm
adelate -- 12:15 p.m.
cardalia -- 12:15
saba1789 -- 10:25am
ihearthings_ii -- 11:20 am

Tags: camp sparkle 2007, transport 2007

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