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Eating on Sunday evening

Originally, nopseud and I thought that there'd only be a handful of us staying in the cottage for Sunday night. We had in mind that the half-dozen of us would make our way down to the nearby pub for our meal on Sunday evening, rather than cook in the cottage.

However, it seems there'll actually be quite a few of us (yay!), so we thought we'd give you the chance to decide whether we go to the pub or eat in.

I suggest that perhaps a bit of discussion of the pros and cons might be best before filling in the poll. For instance, in a public environment our conversation might not be quite as, er, slashy as it can be if we're in our own space. On the other hand, there'll be a greater choice of menu at the pub, and the cottage rep says the portions are very generous.


Poll #938532 A Poll for Sunday Suppertime

I will be staying for dinner on Sunday evening


I would prefer to have a meal in the pub

No, I'd rather eat in the cottage
I don't mind either way
Tags: camp sparkle 2007, food & drink 2007

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