Pen (pensnest) wrote in sparklyukfans,


(1) As opposed to all the throbbing, pulsating woman-dicks out there.

(2) They were.

(3) They were actually extensions.

(4) ephemera_pop cheated.

(5) There were protests.

(6) Lance needed comfort sex, due to his worry about the economy.

(7) It's what they use on Nifty.

(8) It's not mommy-play if it's really Mom.

(9) Run, Lance, run!

(10) Not a verb. [Note from Faithful Amanuensis: Ahahahaha!]

(11) 21 o's (to save the effort of counting)

(12) Theme of the entire story.

(13) Paraphrased Shakespeare.

(14) Initialos - Mr A B C

(15) Lamp is a superhero.

(16) The explanation. It was concluded that this sounded uncomfortably like an STD.

(17) Like Magneto from X-Men.

(18) See The Lava Lamp Story

(19) Bass, Lance, 2007 Out of Sync, p88 Admittedly, there does not seem to be a footnote #19 in the story, but why should that trouble us?
Tags: rampant insanity

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