March 23rd, 2007

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ITV interview uncut footage

I'm a little bit excited right now, because for the first time in my life, I have unseen(ish) footage to share, so I can repay a tiny bit all the incredibly generous people from whom I've dl'd so much footage over the years.

This is something which I bought on video on e-bay, which I've never seen anywhere else. For those people who didn't see it at Camp Sparkle, it's the uncut interview footage filmed for ITV's An Hour With Nsync. The filming date, I think, is 19/02/2001. There are individual interviews with the guys first, and then a group interview, and the whole thing is an hour and ten minutes long. There's a lot of goofing off, and fun stuff which didn't make it into the final programme.

The sound is missing in a couple of places: for about a minute at the very beginning, and then again at the start of the group interview. There's also a crackle audible on the soundtrack if you turn it up too far, which was also there in the original. Other than that, fingers crossed that the picture and sound have come out okay -- I've never tried to make an .avi before, (and thanks to pacific_gravity for helping me with that).

Anyway, enjoy, and please share it around, repost it, make clips from it, whatever you like.

Megaupload link (left-click): ITV's An Hour With Nsync, uncut interview footage (350mb).