March 19th, 2007

Camp Sparkle

Five Words Make A Story

As those of you who were present are aware, one of the diversions available at Camp Sparkle was the Pink Book, into which was inscribed a story. Authors added five words at a time, as the urge struck. Contributors were: nopseud, pensnest, trumpeterofdoom, urbanoceanix, saba1789, rikes, ihearthings_ii, stellamira, turlough, iconis, cardalia, ninjetti75, bubbleforest, seiyaharris, adelate, ephemera_pop, turps33, _ducks, simply_fly_away, saffronra, and archie_gremlin. Yes indeed, everyone who attended Camp Sparkle participated in the creation of this story. I warned you I would name and shame you all, and so I have.

IMPORTANT: in case the above does not constitute sufficient warning, please also be aware that we redefined the words 'bad' and 'wrong' during the weekend. Those of you with strong nerves may now read on.

DISCLAIMER: no actual ducks were harmed during the making of this story, but severe damage was done to the pile of pixie stix.

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