March 9th, 2007

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Footage and related Stuff

(I hope I made this post clear enough)

Hello fellow campers! Our weekend of boyband debauchery is but only ONE WEEK away! Now down to the business of footage watching. If I'm not wrong we'll just whatever footage whenever we feel like it, but for this to work we need to have a library of available footage to work with. The cottage will have a big screen TV and a DVD player, but let's assume that the DVD player can only play Region 2 discs. nopseud and archie_gremlin are bringing along a laptop, I believe, and it'll be possible to hook the laptop up to the big screen TV so that we can watch the clips that might be on data DVDs or external harddrives.

I'm bringing along some burnt data DVDs of almost all the BSB footage I have (the interesting bits, and of course they're up for grabs for whomever wants them afterward), but I was wondering more about the official videos for *NSYNC, BSB and Justin. Most of my DVDs are Region 1s, and all of my BSB videos are on VCD, which might not play on a normal DVD player. It'll be possible to play them on a laptop on WMP, but even then the resolution will be quite bad.

I think nopseud might be able to cover the bases for the Justin and *NSYNC DVDs, but I think she'll have to bring quite a lot of stuff for the weekend, so if anyone else would be willing to bring along their copies that would be brilliant. If the VCD option doesn't work, we might need BSB DVD back ups. I'm going to put a list of them under a cut, and if 5 or 6 of you bring one DVD each, we can cover all the bases. I'll still bring my folder of discs as back ups, but I'm sure you'd like to watch the hi-def videos rather than my crappy VCDs. :)

So, please answer these few questions in the comments to this entry. The idea is for us to have a biggish library of footage to pick and choose from to watch, rather than going "Let's watch clip X now!" at the cottage and realising that no one's got it in any form. I'll also be editing the post to note down who is bringing which videos.

1. What kind of footage would you like to watch at Camp Sparkle, and which specific clips?
2. Do you want themed nights (eg one night *NSYNC, then one night of BSB), or just random footage watching?
3. Will you be willing/able to bring any sparkly DVDs with you for everyone to watch? And if so, which ones? (as far as possible, DVDs should be Region 2)
4. Any other suggestions/questions?

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In addition, if anyone has any *NSYNCLand DVDs, you're welcome to bring them along. The more we have, the more choices we have! And if you've got any more questions (or if I haven't been coherent in this post), just comment away.