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My Review

Hey, all.

My review of the weekend's festivities is _here_.

Now, Ima faceplant some more. I am SO much more jetlagged now than I was flying west to east. And I work second shift, WTF is with that?
Tags: camp sparkle 2007, con report 2007

  • Pheeeeeeeeew.

    My (incredibly long) recap of the weekend is over here! I hope it won't cause too much of a tl;dr syndrome.

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    Hi guys! My recap of the weekend is here. I'll definitely read everyone else's tomorrow, but right now I'm seriously too tired. Glad to see…

  • My Report

    I've just put up my report on the weekend, here, in case you haven't seen it. No doubt there's a lot left out - I'm looking forward to seeing all…

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