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Camp Sparkle 2019 Registration

Date: Friday 19th July to Friday 26th July 2019.
Place: Newbridge House, Bath, Somerset, UK.

The house can sleep up to 24, which should be enough for everyone based on recent Camps. Exact prices for accommodation will depend on the number of people attending, but it will be somewhere around 190-250 UKP per person for the whole week. Shorter stays will be priced up proportionately. Food will be extra (~45 UKP for the whole week).

Since it worked out okay last year, we won't be hiring a minibus for the week. We may hire one for a day or two for trips if necessary.

As usual, we won't be taking deposits, and you'll need to pay the full amount about a month before Camp Sparkle (or bring cash to Camp).

Send an e-mail to and I'll send you a registration form. I'll also send you a link to a Google Docs spreadsheet for keeping track of the registrations, so you'll be able to check that we have the details in order.

This post on Dreamwidth.

To make sure that Pen and I can keep track of what we're supposed to be doing, and don't miss anything important, we're going to be closing comments on posts over here on LJ. Apologies if you don't have a DW account, but you can post over there with your LJ account using OpenID.
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Due to a communication SNAFU, I posted the wrong dates for Camp 2019.

We will indeed still be in Bath, but the dates are the 19th-26th July.

A million apologies for messing this up. I'll try to email everyone individually to make sure people know. Please can you let me know that you got the mail? (If you're a Camp regular and you don't get a mail, please check your spam folder because gmail still hates me, for some reason.)
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Camp Sparkle Itinerary

This is the current itinerary. We've left plenty of free time this Camp, as there's so much to do in Bath itself, and we're assuming that people will be more-or-less self-organizing for trips to museums etc in Bath.

Fri - Arrive.
Sat - Free day in Bath.
Sun - Christmas in June.
Mon - Spa in the morning, Afternoon Tea at 4pm.
Tue - Stonehenge/Avebury.
Wed - Longleat.
Thur - Free day in Bath.
Fri - Home.

chalcopyrite, you were talking about organizing an architecture tour?
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Bath Local Transport

The house address is 14 Newbridge Road, Bath, BA1 3JX.

If you are arriving by train at Bath Parkway, you can catch a bus from the central Bus Station, which is right next to the train station, to a stop very close to the house. There are several services that stop near the house (including the 4, U5, U6, 9, 19A 39 and x39). The bus stop for the house is The Weston pub stop.

IMPORTANT: The number 4 bus runs on two different loops, one to the north of the river out to Weston, and one to the south out to Odd Down. The correct bus is the WESTON bus. You catch this from the bus bays BEHIND the bus station, in the area outlined in green on the Google Maps screencap behind the cut below. There is also a bus stop with the same route number at the front of the bus station, outlined in red. This is the WRONG BUS and will take you to Odd Down (ask us now we found this out).

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Overview of Bath bus routes.
Bath & Bristol bus routes index page.

Bus tickets for the Bath Inner Zone cover travel between the house and the middle of Bath. An unlimited travel 1 day ticket is £4 from the Bus station or via their app (or £4.20 on the bus). There's also a ticket for £17 online or with their app (or £18.50 at the station or on the bus) for unlimited travel for 7 consecutive days. For those of you coming by train, you can buy a Plus Bus unlimited travel tickets in conjuction with the train ticket for slightly less.

There is also a riverside path that runs alongside the Avon from near the train station most of the way to the house. It's part of the Bristol and Bath Railway Path. Google says the walk is 1.6 miles.