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12th-Feb-2017 10:22 pm(no subject)
Baby Me sepia
Dear Campers

I have for a long time been convinced that we should make a Camp Sparkle video to this. We could have a lot of fun with it.

Now, of course, there is this, which is essentially the same video but perhaps even more relevant to our interests.

What do you think?
Camp Sparkle optional
The house we have booked is HERE; it is Honeysuckle Cottage, which sleeps up to 22. The website is a bit lacking, but the place is lovely. You can also look here for pictures.

If you look up Reighton, Yorkshire, on Google, you will see Manor Farm Holiday Cottages marked on the map. It's north of Bridlington, and not far from the coast.

nopseud and I have not at present worked out any particular plans for getting people there, but I would imagine the usual kind of arrangements will apply. If it works out more conveniently for any of you, there are daily flights from Schiphol (Amsterdam) to Norwich airport, so you can stay in what ought by then (fingers firmly crossed) to be a fully functional Nest and travel to Camp with me and Beast.
22nd-Dec-2016 09:44 am - Camp 2017
Camp Sparkle Death Cake
Hi everyone!

Firstly, a quick apology for my not getting back to those of you who commented on the previous post: LJ was messing about with my notifications, and I didn't realise they were there until today.

Anyway. We have booked Camp 2017 for the week commencing 15th September. Our apologies to those of you who cannot make it, and we'll hope to see you the following year. For everyone else, plenty of notice to get your holiday request in!

Happy Christmas, everyone, and a Merry New Year to you all.
3rd-Nov-2016 11:24 pm - Next Year's Camp
Camp Sparkle optional
nopseud and I have been on an Exploratory Trip to Yorkshire and have found an excellent (we're reasonably sure) cottage for us.

We need to book it *soon*.

And we have a question about dates. We could go for the week starting 30th June or 14th July, either of which would cost £2,800. This would mean a price increase of around £30 per person, depending on how many attend (which for the non-Brits among you will probably be irrelevant considering the way the pound is going). Or, we could go for a week in September at only £1,900, which is less than The Ship. It's just as likely we'll have pleasant weather in September as in July, so what mostly matters is when you guys can attend Camp.

Poll #2057006 Camp Time!

I would be able to attend Camp in:

week starting 30th June
week starting 14th July
in September

My preferred date for Camp is:

week starting 30th June
week starting 14th July
in September

NB There isn't time for an extended discussion of the nuances of when Camp should be - the cottage is filling up fast and we want to get it booked. Please fill in the poll as soon as you can, and prod everyone to make sure they also respond!
16th-Jul-2016 05:38 pm - A fresh look at Wales
Baby Me sepia
I've just come across a very interesting post by Connie Willis. She seems to have visited the same bits of Wales that we did, and was struck by how very Tolkienish it all was. Now I think about it, she's absolutely right.

9th-Jul-2016 02:21 pm - Camp Photos
Only a month late, I know but photos! from camp! Including the puppet's adventures at the castle and at the slate museum: https://goo.gl/photos/VDgHHs8Rjavj73eL9

(also as it's just come on as I'm typing this, and seems relevant to our interests - the Just Eat Manband / BSB advert makes me giggle every time ...)
8th-Jun-2016 06:56 pm - Feeeeeed Meeeee
Baby Me sepia
Who's going to cook?

Friday pensnest

Saturday (Feast) pensnest and nopseud

Sunday bubbleforest, iconis, saba1789

Monday turlough



Thursday we're out for Afternoon Tea, and Thursday is usually Leftovers and Takeaways Night

Signups for Chefs and Minions in comments, please. Sorry this is so late!
6th-Jun-2016 10:06 am - Bedroom Configurations!
Baby Me sepia
Right. What I've come up with is as follows:

Ground Floor

Room 1: sperrywink and msktrnanny*

Room 2: turlough

Room 3: _bettina_

First Floor

Room 4: pensnest and Beast

Room 6: rikes and saba1789

Room 5/7: bubbleforest and iconis
(I can't remember which number is the bedroom and which the bunk room)

Top Floor

Room 8: nopseud and R
Room 11(?): fleurrochard

Twin rooms:
chalcopyrite and fadedsouls
adelate and ihearthings_ii
ephemera_pop and ninjetti75

I'm not sure which rooms you guys are expecting to use, so rather than decreeing which number you go in, I'll let you sort that out for yourselves. If it comes down to "who can get up the stairs fastest", so be it!

* I've put sperrywink and msktrnanny together on the grounds that I can't remember whether either of you and fleurrochard have met or not, but sperrywink and msktrnanny are LJ friends. However, msktrnanny and fleurrochard, if you want to swap, sort yourselves out!

I hope this works for everyone.

And note: there is the bunk room, and there's also (I think) a sofa bed in the upstairs lounge, so if anyone needs an alternative sleeping place, I think we're covered.
5th-Jun-2016 10:53 am - Candy call!
nice one Nietzsche
Anybody want something sweet from the States?

Sound off below!
4th-Jun-2016 11:28 am - Pies
Baby Me sepia
A quickie poll to remind me how to proportion the pies!

My firs
Poll #2046535 What kind of pie eater am I?

First helping will be

Shepherd's Pie
Fish Pie
Veggie pie

My second helping will be

Shepherd's Pie
Fish Pie
Veggie Pie
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